Broken Flowers: Interview With Gyun Hur

Gyun Hur is most known for her compositions of shredded silk flowers, meticulously arranged to mimic the patterns on her mother’s wedding blanket. In recent years, the Korean-born, Atlanta-based artist has moved away from this distinct motif, employing a new palate and turning the flowers—believed in Korea to drive out bad luck—into colorful mounds with objects, such as broken pottery, stone and plants, buried within each. The narrative quality of her installations extends into performance as well. While on residency at Artadia in Dumbo, New York, Hur staged a one day event, in which she and her father set up an optical store modeled after the actual store of the her childhood and invited audiences to peruse and interact with dozens of vintage glasses frames. Hur sat down with ArtAsiaPacific to discuss memories, process and the importance of family.

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