• Video
  • Jul 15, 2021

Old World Glamour: Revitalizing Hong Kong’s State Theatre

For the denizens of Hong Kong’s North Point neighborhood, the State Theatre, with its notable concrete flying trusses, has been an architectural icon since it opened in December 1952. Originally dubbed the Empire Theatre before its 1959 rebrand, the former cinema and concert hall was a bustling entertainment hub in its heyday, and even makes an appearance in Bruce Lee’s last film, Game of Death (1978). After several changes of ownership amid longstanding financial difficulties, the State Theatre shuttered in 1997 and was converted into a snooker hall. Despite falling into disrepair, the venue was recognized as a Grade 1 Historic Building in 2017, and Adrian Cheng’s New World Development (NWD) is now undertaking the conservation of the landmark, which will relaunch as a cultural complex in 2026. In this video, NWD head of heritage management Winnie Yeung tells AAP about the building’s history and upcoming revitalization at an on-site exhibit organized by the nonprofit Culture for Tomorrow.

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