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  • May 23, 2022

MASSIMODECARLO at Art Basel Hong Kong

LIU XIAODONG, Chatting, 2020, oil on canvas, 250 × 300 cm. All images courtesy the artists and MASSIMODECARLO, Milan / London / Hong Kong. 

MASSIMODECARLO, on the occasion of its participation at Art Basel Hong Kong 2022, will be premiering a series of new artworks by an exceptionally wide selection of artists from its gallery roster.

This collective display focuses on a plurality of media and creative directions with the intention of promoting different voices in contemporary art. From Jenna Gribbon’s intimate portraits and Jennifer Guidi’s textured mandalas to Sanford Biggers’s reinterpretation of antique quilts and Liu Xiaodong’s documentation of life across the Mexican-American border, the presentation is a collection of the great masters and the newest energies of contemporary art.

Liu Xiaodong is a leading figure in painting and a master of Chinese neorealism. His paintings originate from his travels around the world, aimed at discovering humanity and its values. Chatting (2020) is part of a painting project Liu realized in South Texas that contemplates the tensions along the United States-Mexican border. The work was premiered in his solo exhibition “Borders” at Dallas Contemporary.

JENNIFER GUIDI, Ebb and Flow (Painted Pink, White Sand, Green Ground with Yellow, Red and Dark Green), 2022, sand and acrylic on linen, 104 × 89 cm. 

JENNA GRIBBONMe photographing at M looking at you, 2022, oil on linen, 203.2 × 162.5 cm. 

Jennifer Guidi’s practice combines research on gesture with the tradition of oriental mandalas to create a two-dimensional sculpture, in which light and texture emerge powerfully. The rich surface texture of her works is the result of the artist’s inquisitive creative process, which involves mixing sand with acrylic paint and distributing it across the canvas. Guidi explores the boundaries between mysticism, abstraction and figuration.

Jenna Gribbon’s vibrant portrait of her partner Mackenzie Scott is the quintessence of her investigation on intimacy and the gaze. Me photographing at M looking at you (2022) questions the feelings and implications of seeing and being seen. The presence of the artist in the reflection of the mirror is a rare appearance which doubles the composition’s points of view, while transforming the viewer into a voyeur. The use of a clamp light adds a theatrical and performative dimension to the composition and plays with the traditional formal role of light affecting color.

SANFORD BIGGERSVestige, 2021, antique quilt, assorted textiles, and acrylic stretched on wooden strainer, 210.8 × 182.9 × 9.53 cm. 

Sanford Biggers uses antique handcrafted quilts as the foundation of his work. Handcrafted quilts were used as a mode of communication in the shameful years of slavery. Biggers creates a patchwork, sewing the fabrics together into a cohesive new form. The surface texture and color create a unique pattern and offer a topographic representation of the history of the selected fragments.

In conjunction with the gallery’s participation in Art Basel Hong Kong, MASSIMODECARLO has just inaugurated its new gallery space in Hong Kong with Sanford Biggers’s “The Extinction Agenda,” the artist’s first solo exhibition in the city and his fourth with the gallery. The exhibition presents new works belonging to the artist’s ever-evolving “Codex” and “Chimera” series. At the heart of both series lies a debt to the open communication of knowledge and tradition between different cultures and nations. The exhibition’s title is inspired by one of the artist’s favorite musical albums, by hip-hop duo Organized Konfusion.

For more information, visit massimodecarlo.com.

MASSIMODECARLO will be at Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 from May 27 to 29, with VIP preview on May 25 to 26.

Sanford Biggers’s “The Extinction Agenda” is on view at MASSIMODECARLO, Hong Kong, until June 4, 2022.

* This post is presented by MASSIMODECARLO.