Issue 128

ISBN 725274567362

The simple activity of hanging out propelled the establishment of many of Indonesia’s collectives in the 2000s. Among the groups born of this era are Taring Padi, for whom hangouts serve as the basis for collective discussions, which can then lead to solidarity movements alongside women, Indigenous peoples, the LGBTQ community, farmers, and others fighting for their rights. In our cover Feature, contributing writer Kerstin Winking details the group’s approaches to pacifist activism as they respond to the evolving conditions of marginalized communities. In the second feature, deputy editor HG Masters talks with Jumana Manna about her new film Foragers (2022), which depicts Palestinians gathering wild herbs in defiance of Israeli laws. Reflecting on her interest in Levantine agricultural practices and ideas of resilience, Manna explores the film’s ties with her earlier films and her sculptures. In Up Close, the editors spotlight three recent works: Yang Yongliang’s video Five Dragons (2020); Tammy Nguyen’s Freehold (2022) paintings; and Leung Mee Ping’s installation Sound of Silence (2021). For Inside Burger Collection, curator Hendrik Folkerts examines the work of the enigmatic artist Vaginal Davis. Elsewhere, associate editor Pamela Wong profiles Tsubasa Kato, whose collaborative projects are occasions for community members to rally together. Managing editor Chloe Chu spoke to Shubigi Rao about her ten-year-project Pulp: A Short Biography of the Banished Book (2014- ), on view in the Singapore Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale. Essays delves into Jakarta’s Gudskul and the potentials of alternative art schools in Southeast Asia. For Dispatch, we hear from curator Olga Veselova about the aftermath of Almaty’s violent protests in January. In Where I Work, writer Emily Chun visits the Brooklyn studio of Stewart Uoo. Lastly, in One on One, James Clar explains how Pierre Huyghe taught him about constructing narrative experiences that reflect humanity’s values.