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  • Jun 07, 2024

Ibrahim Nehme Named Director of Beirut Art Center

Portrait of IBRAHIM NEHME. Courtesy Beirut Art Center. 

On June 6, Lebanon’s nonprofit cultural platform Beirut Art Center (BAC) announced that it has appointed writer, curator, and multidisciplinary creative Ibrahim Nehme as its new director.

As the BAC transitions to a new managerial framework, Nehme’s role has been redefined with a focus on leading the nonprofit's fundraising initiatives, as well as overseeing its operational activities. Nehme will also work with an advisory committee to develop a fresh artistic direction for the BAC and advance its outreach initiative by seeking out new local and global partnerships. 

Based in Beirut, Nehme has a background in communications and is the founding editor of The Outpost magazine. He has co-created various independent new media platforms, including Radio Mansion, A Dance Mag, and Kiteverse, a creative-writing app. In 2023, Nehme collaborated with six Lebanese and German artists to create PORT FICTION, a web-based audiovisual documentary on the Beirut port explosion of 2020. Nehme also performed in nouvelle nahda (2021) at Theater Neumarkt, Zurich, a collaborative art project with station Beirut. 

The BAC stated on Instagram that Nehme is dedicated to “exploring new models of sustainable funding and self-organizing to help arts and cultural institutions maximize the footprint of their impact.” He believes in “radical imagination as a path to collective liberation,” and recognizes the transformative role of the cultural sector in realizing change.

The BAC is a nonprofit association and exhibition venue dedicated to experimental contemporary art. Located in Adlieh in the Lebanese capital, the BAC supports local and regional artists in creating projects, presenting new research and practices to the public free of charge. 

Mioie Kwok is an editorial intern at ArtAsiaPacific. 

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