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  • Oct 10, 2023

Asian Cultural Council Opens Fellowship and Grant Program Applications Across Artistic Disciplines

TARA PANDEYA, ACC Grantee 2016, Today is a good day to disobey, 2016. Photo by Kohi Marri. 

The Asian Cultural Council (ACC), the preeminent organization advancing international dialogue through arts and cultural exchange between Asia, the U.S., and within Asia, has opened its next global funding cycle with applications accepted from November 1 – 30, 2023. 

As an ACC grant recipient, artists, scholars, and arts professionals may pursue a diversity of projects—from targeted research to open-ended cultural exploration. With a focus on process-driven activities that enable cultural immersion, relationship-building, and collaboration among peers, ACC grantees build international connections and personal experiences during their grant periods. 

Since ACC’s founding 60 years ago, its grantmaking activities have nurtured mutual understanding, expanded individual artistic practices, contributed to new scholarship, and allowed grantees to share their experiences with local and global communities. 

ACC has developed four distinct grant types to support immersive cultural exchange: New York Fellowship (a six-month program based in New York City, with logistical and programmatic support from ACC staff); Individual Fellowship (one- to six-month program for individuals, or up to four collaborators, undertaking self-directed research); Graduate Fellowship (a living stipend for students from Asia pursuing graduate degrees in the U.S.), and Organization Grant (grants supporting organizations engaged in projects that may benefit from cultural immersion, research, increased access to artistic communities, or cultural resources). Applicants may only apply for one type of grant during the 2024 grant cycle. 

SIRIKARN BUNJONGTAD in 2009, ACC Grantee 2017. Courtesy Asian Cultural Council.

The 2024 grant cycle is a global open call. ACC will accept applications from individuals and organizations based in Asia and the U.S. All applications will be reviewed by selection committees consisting of regional, national, and international field experts. Applications that focus on the relationship between the arts, technology, and culture, and/or propose exchange from the U.S. to Southeast Asia are particularly encouraged in the 2024 global grant cycle. For more information on general eligibility, visit: Asian Cultural Council — Fellowships and Grants. 

Application Guidelines are now available. Click here for details and instructions. Applications will be accepted starting November 1 through 30, 2023. Application Deadline is November 30, 2023. Candidates will be notified of application results in mid-May 2024. 

CHEUK WING NAM in 2022, ACC Grantee 2020. Courtesy Asian Cultural Council.

Applications are reviewed using the following selection criteria—alignment with ACC’s mission: cultural exchange; quality of proposal (feasibility, clarity, and impact); artistic/professional merit; critical time in applicant’s career, and ability to communicate in destination country/region. 

Please note that ACC’s next grant cycle will open in the fall of 2024 and will only be open to residents of eligible countries and regions in Asia


The Asian Cultural Council (ACC) connects artists, humanities scholars, and arts professionals across Asia and the U.S. Through fellowships, grants, achievement awards, public programs, alumni engagement, and other cultural exchange initiatives, ACC aims to build global arts communities whose individual and collective work serves to advance international dialogue for mutual understanding and respect. ACC is headquartered in New York City with global offices in Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei, and Tokyo.  https://www.asianculturalcouncil.org/