• Issue
  • Mar 01, 2024

Whispering Gallery: Would You Be My Dragon?

The lunar new year season has ushered in auspicious beginnings across the Asia-Pacific region. Iwan Wirth and Manuela Wirth, two of the three cofounders of Swiss gallery juggernaut Hauser & Wirth, jetted in from Zurich to unveil their new street-level gallery in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central District. In tow were partner and president Marc Payot and directors from some of its other 20 branches around the world, plus their artistic heavy hitters Zeng Fanzhi and Mark Bradford. Painter Zhang Enli was also in attendance for the kickoff show starring his own work—amazingly, his debut in Hong Kong. All of Zhang’s colorful loop-the-loop paintings sold out on the day of the grand opening. The feng shui master should receive a big red envelope of Hong Kong dollars!