• Issue
  • Mar 01, 2023

Whispering Gallery: Bold Moves, Big Plays

Buyers and dealers beware, especially when in Korea. Seoul is all abuzz with the latest art world indiscretion. The word on the street is that Gladstone Gallery’s Seoul director Heejin Park was fired instantly and banned from the gallery in early 2023, after allegedly shady invoice practices. Only on the job for one year, Park is said to have given deep discounts to clients in exchange for a percentage of the buyer’s final invoice. To make matters worse, she apparently sneaked back into the gallery after being booted, with the help of an intern, but was caught trespassing on CCTV. The story resembles an outlandish K-drama, considering that, as the founding director of the Seoul outpost, she herself probably had the surveillance cameras installed. Perhaps these kickbacks aren’t uncommon at Gmail-only galleries, but it’s highly inflammable for a bluestocking New York dealership.


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