• Issue
  • Jul 01, 2022

Up Close: Tap Chan

TAP CHANThe Castle, 2022, beeswax, 86 × 60 × 96 cm. All images courtesy the artist and Mine Project, Hong Kong.

As a sculptor, Tap Chan has come into her own with works that blur categorical distinctions between the artificial and natural, sleeping and waking, and virtual and real. Mine Project’s presentation of Chan’s recent works in the Discoveries sector at Art Basel Hong Kong allowed visitors to experience the artist’s “post-reality” worldview. The sculpture Duplicity (all works 2022), which pairs an artificial plant and a living one, is a reflection of our rather pathetic inability to distinguish between the two, and the ways we’ve made even living things essentially artificial through their dislocation and material environs. In that sculpture, Chan constrains the pair of plants in metal pots with white barrier rails that she hand-molded from an “environmentally friendly”—whatever that means—thermal plastic used in 3D printing.