• Issue
  • Sep 01, 2022

Up Close: Heidi Lau

Installation view of HEIDI LAU’s Gardens as Cosmic Terrains, 2021-22, mixed-media installations, dimensions variable, at Green-Wood Cemetary, New York, 2022. Photo by Nancy Paredes. Courtesy the artist and Matthew Brown, Los Angeles.

Visible through a narrow stone archway, a pair of ceramic vessels stand as tall as human figures. Ghostly faces, as if trapped in limbo, peer out from the twisted, porous structures, which stretch upward like stalagmites or underwater coral. These hybrid, spectral sculptures muddle the realm between the organic and otherworldly. Shaped by the hands of Macau-born, New York-based artist Heidi Lau, the works in clay are just two of many she created during her inaugural residence at Brooklyn’s historic Green-Wood Cemetery. The resulting installation Gardens as Cosmic Terrains (2021–22) temporarily transformed the catacombs into a liminal space that invited both meditation and mourning.

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