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  • Jan 01, 2022

The Artists of 2021: Yu Ji

YU JI, Flesh in Stone-Rema Rema 2001, 2020, cement, sand, and metal, 754565cm. Courtesy the artist and Chisenhale Gallery, London.

How are our bodies impacted by sudden changes in the built environment around us? This question animates Yu Ji’s sculptural and installation-based practice, which draws equally on performance art as it does her surroundings where she scavenges for discarded industrial materials. Her commissioned solo exhibition “Wasted Mud” (5/22–7/18) at Chisenhale Gallery in London, based on research from a 2019 residency at Delfina Foundation, examined the body’s relation to the city’s canals and riverways. The show featured Jaded Ribs (2019–21), a suspended, handmade net lined with a black tarpaulin, which contained twisted metal, drywall, concrete shards, and other wreckage recycled from local construction sites. A pump circulated plant-infused water through ten tubes that flowed the liquid onto the hammock and other objects, including a plaster mold for the torsos of two concrete figures, such that the water eventually leaked through floor of the space and back into the earth.