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  • Mar 09, 2022

Singapore: Guo-Liang Tan

Guo-Liang Tan: "Soft Turnings"
Ota Fine Arts, Singapore

Spread across Ota Fine Arts Singapore for Guo-Liang Tan’s solo exhibition “Soft Turnings” were five H-shaped wooden stands, each holding up a painting executed on translucent fabric. Gradient stains in soft shades of magenta, teal, cobalt, gold, and pink, as well as voids of color created by Tan, are suspended on both sides of the diaphanous material—an aeronautical textile favored by hobbyist makers of model planes or boats—and are viewable from myriad angles. This dual-sided approach marks a development in Tan's engagement with painting, throughout which he has distilled the characteristics of his chosen medium, pushing the possibilities of its materiality to encourage new perspectives on painted images in three-dimensional space.