• Issue
  • May 01, 2022

Seoul: Seeun Kim

SEEUN KIM, (from left to right) Sinus, Collected sinew, and The face of flipping torso, all 2022, water mixable oil and acrylic spray paint on canvas, 296 × 226.5 cm, 284 × 226 cm, and 298 × 245 cm. Courtesy the artist and Doosan Gallery, Seoul.

Painterly abstraction serves as a means of exploring the physical experience of cities in Seeun Kim’s works, which activate sensory impressions of liminal urban infrastructure like tunnels, overpasses, and embankments. These spaces primarily exist in the public consciousness as nothing more than unremarkable linkages between more prominent features of the cityscape, rather than being recognized as discrete elements of the urban fabric unto themselves. Kim’s works resonate with the subtle character of such overlooked parts of the city; indeed, it is nearly impossible to parse any recognizable forms within her colorful, energetic paintings.