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  • Mar 26, 2022

Ramallah: Collectively at Home

DINA MIMI and MIN-KYUNG CHOI, Episode 4. the parrot above my head, from the Channel Greenhouse series, 2020, still from video: 12

Though Covid-19 has taken its toll on the cultural scene in Palestine in many detrimental ways, the pandemic also generated renewed attention and discussions of neglected issues. When a strict closure began in March, Amani was in Beirut for the 2019/2020 Home Workspace Program and witnessed the struggles and catastrophes there—including the Beirut port explosion on August 4. As the Allenby Bridge was closed for months, travel became exponentially more difficult for West Bank Palestinians. She was stuck in Lebanon and only made it back a few months ago. Meanwhile I was in Ramallah at the time of the outbreak and was delayed for months before I could move to Amsterdam. Many other artists were stranded at residencies or study-abroad programs.