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  • Apr 30, 2024

Philippe Parreno: Embracing Unknowns

Installation view of PHILIPPE PARRENO’s My Room Is Another Fish Bowl, 2022, helium-filled Mylar balloons, dimensions variable, at "Philippe Parreno: VOICES," Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul, 2024. Photo by Cheolki Hong. Courtesy the artist, Gladstone Gallery, and Leeum Museum of Art. 

Over the course of nearly four decades and across a diverse range of mediums, Philippe Parenno has investigated such fundamental concepts as language and communication, time and memory, and the nature of reality and fiction. A frequent collaborator with fellow artists and curators, from Liam Gillick to Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Parreno often works on a massive scale to produce installations that are inherently site-specific—from the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall to the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. On the occasion of a major exhibition in Seoul, the acclaimed Algerian-born French artist sat down with ArtAsiaPacific to discuss AI-generated language, the power of the cinematic medium, and the importance of embracing the unknown.