• Issue
  • Mar 25, 2022

Looking Ahead: Roaring Twenties

UCCA Edge, the new space of UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, will be housed in an 86-meter tower along the Suzhou Creek in Shanghai. Courtesy K. Wah Group. 

Choppy is one word to describe 2020. Shanghai, however, is ready to cast off for a future of smooth sailing. Continued growth is on the horizon for the local arts sector, with new cultural venues due to open. In early 2021, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art will inaugurate an outpost in the city, expanding its national footprint outside of Beijing’s 798 Art Zone and the coastal town Beidaihe. Dubbed UCCA Edge, the 5,000-square-meter exhibition, retail, and dining space in Shanghai is spread across three floors of a mixed-use complex in the trendy Jing’an District. In May 2021, the nonprofit Longlati Foundation, established in 2019 in Hong Kong by venture capitalist David Su and artist Chen Zihao, will activate its space in the Art Tower—a 93,000-square-meter landmark unveiled on the West Bund on October 16—with programs focused on young and female artists. Boasting a new facelift, the Rockbund Art Museum will make its sophomore debut in September 2021 with a relocated entrance on Yuanmingyuan Road, facing the Bund.