• Issue
  • Apr 30, 2024

Editor’s Letter: When Lives Become History

Detail of KANG SEUNG LEE’s Untitled (Elysian), 2023, watercolor, graphite, dried seeds from Elysian Park, piercing needles, antique 24K gold thread, silver wire, pearls, feathers, 24K gold leaf, brass nails on goatskin parchment, 109.2 × 81.2 cm. Courtesy the artist. 

As storytellers, artists are often fascinated with the personal lives and creative output of others. But how can (or should) artists transform these stories into their own work? And as these artworks enter public circulation, what responsibilities do artists have to these individuals and their communities, especially marginal ones? In other words, how might artists best represent the historical transformations and cultural movements that these stories signify and embody?