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  • May 02, 2011

Your Horoscope in May

The New Moon in Taurus on 3rd of May, is a time for concrete and practical activity, time for dealing with the material dimension of life. The challenge of a new beginning is to keep the fire going, and this lunation sows the seed of a cycle focused on giving concrete material support to what has just started to manifest in the previous cycle in Aries. The sequence of the zodiacal signs is mirroring the unfolding of all natural growth processes; each lunation sees the Moon travelling across all signs spreading a new impulse, so that all perspectives will be taken into consideration, metabolized and hopefully integrated in our worldview.

With a stellium of planets in Aries still in place (Uranus-Venus-Mercury-Mars-Jupiter), the atmosphere is charged with impatience, restlessness and high expectations. If we are the agents of this wave of change, and for the adjustments that need to be made, it is necessary for us to find the means to support this process: the frame of mind, the perseverance and determination to endure. If, on the contrary, we are unwillingly involved and/or pushed by external situations, to make the necessary adjustments, it is necessary for us to deal matter-of factly with reality; playing a victim in this case will not help but only delay inevitable decisions.