• Ideas
  • Jun 01, 2011

Your Horoscope in June

This new moon in Gemini brings movement, trade and communication. The seeds of change have sprouted and growing strong by the day, thanks to the perseverance with which they were nurtured during the preceding Moon cycle that started in Taurus. The world is experiencing a period of long-needed deconstruction—whatever area of our life this might be impacting, the proper course of action now is to be alert to news and ideas coming one’s way. In case you have news or ideas for others, now is the time to give them a voice, to disseminate and communicate them. In the coming weeks all types of media will be indispensable. Seek the company of stimulating people. Be flexible, adaptable, spontaneous, and let us remember to think with our own head.

Mercury rules Gemini. In Greek mythology Mercury is the winged messenger, Hermes, the god who wears a winged hat, symbol of the agility of the mind. The energy of Gemini will be an excellent ally now that we need to introduce lightness to complete the daunting task at hand, by the force of thought, irony, and intelligence.