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  • Apr 01, 2011

Your Horoscope in April

The sky above us is like a cosmic clock on which we can read the time via the cycle and the phases of the Sun, Moon and Planets as seen from the Earth. The ebb and flow of our lives can be measured on its quadrant and interpreted in terms of phases, representing inner process mirrored in the sky. The lunar month is a cycle with a rhythm of 28 or 29 days and that will be the pace of this astrology column.

Why the Moon? Because it can be seen and followed by the naked eye, so we can relate to it in a very immediate and poetic way. As fascinating and inspiring as this cycle can be, it is also meaningful in terms of phases, from the New Moon—seen as the seed of the cycle—to the first crescent quarter, the Full Moon and then the second waning quarter, after which it disappears for three days, and then the cycle starts again. It is a beautiful dance between the Moon, the Sun and the Earth, to which our emotional a physical biorhythm is connected. Nowadays we don’t pay much attention to this aspect of reality, so this blog is a little reminder and a guide to re-enchant the sky above us, as well as our lives.