• Ideas
  • Jul 23, 2018

Voluta: Recap of Yuko Mohri and Akio Suzuki’s Performance

Installation view of YUKO MOHRI

The history of experimental music is a major reference for the work of installation artist Yuko Mohri. Her exhibition, “Voluta,” at London’s Camden Arts Centre, comprises a sprawling network of objects that vibrate with a life of their own—literally, in the case of a fish tank with speakers attached, which references Fluxus artist Nam June Paik’s new media work Video Fish (1975). Conceived as an audio-spatial composition that is specific to the Centre’s environment, Voluta’s (2018) score is left to non-human agents and chance to construct. Its title refers to the naturally occurring spiral shape that has been the basis of artistic creations across multiple cultures and disciplines. On the occasion of the show’s opening, renowned sound-art pioneer Akio Suzuki was invited to perform within the installation, elucidating the importance of sound to Mohri, as well as the rich heritage of experimental sound art.