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  • Apr 14, 2011

Statement on the detention of Ai Weiwei

AI WEIWEIwith Sunflower Seeds,
2010, an installation of 100 million life-size sunflower seeds made from
porcelain, at the Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London. Photo by Tate
Photography. Courtesy the artist.

It has now been 11 days since Ai Weiwei was detained by the Beijing police as he boarded a flight to Hong Kong on April 3. 

ArtAsiaPacific has closely followed Ai’s career, in particular the authorities’ increasing use of intimidation and physical violence against him over the past three years. In light of these developments, we are deeply concerned for his safety and for his fair treatment by the authorities.

As a publication that gives unequivocal support to free speech and human rights, ArtAsiaPacific calls on the Chinese government to immediately release Ai Weiwei, his associates and all other outspoken artists, intellectuals and social critics detained without cause.

For the latest information on Ai Weiwei, please visit freeaiweiwei.org

To sign a petition for his release, please visit change.org