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  • Jan 18, 2019

Roundup from Taipei Dangdai

CHOU SHIH HSIUNG’s large-scale installation 100 Faces of Youth

Ever since the announcement of Taipei Dangdai in early 2018, onlookers have speculated about Taiwan's serious, but low-profile, collectors, and their interest in acquiring art beyond homegrown talent, antiquities and Old Masters. Nevertheless, the fair's organizers have remained hopeful about the untapped potential in the area, with director Magnus Renfrew being one of the most vocal about Taiwan's engagement in the art market.

Unfortunately, the fair's opening coincided with a bout of inclement weather and media frenzy surrounding Art Stage Singapore's last-minute cancellation. Yet, despite intermittent cloudbursts threatening both the skies and galleries' finances, the fair drew a healthy crowd on its VIP preview day, with some booths so packed that it was difficult to shuffle around, let alone view the art. Curators from Asian and European institutions were present as well as discerning collectors, and Taiwanese galleries seemed eager to greet those who had traveled to their shores. Touted as a regional fair, there were 90 galleries across its main Galleries sector, the Young Galleries sector, Solos (single artist presentations) and Salon, which offered artworks priced at or below USD 8,000.