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  • Feb 02, 2018

Redefining Desire: Interview with Margaret Lee

Portrait of MARGARET LEE. Courtesy the artist.

Margaret Lee’s “. . . Banana in Your Tailpipe” at  Marlborough Contemporary’s London gallery  featured three stainless steel sculptures with highly polished, spotless surfaces. Two of the metal sculptural forms look like mufflers, though the tailpipe extends in unexpected ways—tied in a knot,  or with a banana dangling from a chain, ready to be plugged into the machine’s hole. A rumble comes from below in the form of two papier-mâché clouds that represent discharged exhaust gone rogue, fitted on robots that move along a circular path. Lee, who has long explored the slippage between installation, photography and sculpture, also investigates the push-and-pull between lust and romance, sexual desire and consent. The artist spoke with ArtAsiaPacific to discuss the circumstances that inform her evolving practice, from leading Art Against Displacement, a new coalition of art galleries and artists combating gentrification in New York’s Chinatown, to the #MeToo movement.