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  • Oct 25, 2019

Recap of Lanyim Theatre’s “Poiser”

Photo documentation of LANYIM THEATRE

The set for Lanyim Theatre’s four-day durational performance, Poiser (2019), was arranged across a large black square set on the concrete floor of the Chiang Mai University Art Center. The periphery of this square was lined with thin yellow votive candles, typically used to give merit at Buddhist temples. Echoes of the panel discussion hosted by exhibition organizers and Thai Lawyers for Human Rights reverberated against the corridor walls, creating an eerie aural setting for the mannequins, full bodied and limbless, scattered around the space. A simple wooden chair with a high back sat atop a black metal platform, and just behind it was a table crowded with candles oozing melted wax. A pregnant divine energy burdened this space, lit by the flickering projection on the back wall depicting a live feed of the entire scene.