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  • Apr 28, 2022

My Office Playlist: 22

Illustrated by JEREMY LEUNG for ArtAsiaPacific.

Track #6: 22 by Taylor Swift

My last week of being 22 has been hectic and far from what I had expected. In the past, I used to picture my 22-year-old life based on Taylor Swift’s “22,” but lately I realized how strange life has become. Although 22 has been truly “miserable and magical,” throughout the year I didn’t really “dress like a hipster” or feel “happy, free, confused, and alone at the same time.” 

Listening to this upbeat song again in my birthday season, I wonder what 23 has in store for me. 

Curated by an ArtAsiaPacific designer, “My Office Playlist” is a showcase of music that illustrates a spectrum of moods at the office and during commuting hours.

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