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  • Jan 27, 2022

Echo Chambers

Images via @wetbrainupdates, @martyrgirlfriend, @Matt_Furie, @samsarateens, anonymous, Wikicommons.

When was the last time you prayed? The past year saw the flourishing of mystical posts over social platforms. Beyond the adoration of old religious icons, our belief systems are being updated in response to the economic, political, and philosophical concerns of our time. Is this a coping mechanism, a much-needed re-enchantment, or a search for meaning in a helter-skelter existence?



Images via @meltdown_your_books.

Saṃsāra memes reflect on the despair felt over deteriorating conditions and the Sisyphean struggles of modern life.




HYPERJUMPER, Christendom: Little Dark Age , 2021, still from HD digital video in color: 1 min 11 sec.

Catholic guilt and traditionalist pride appeal to irony-poisoned digital addicts tremendously.




MATT FURIE, RarePepe series, 2021- , NFT trading cards.

Having lived through the chaotic Trump era, in which he fought against the appropriation of his cartoon by the Alt-right, Pepe the Frog creator Matt Furie remains a peaceful guy full of joyous whimsy and sunny nihilism.




Images via @poorspigga, @umbertoecco2k, anonymous.

Touching Grass and themes of interconnectivity resonate widely as we re-examine our anthropocentric ways of living (see also the wholesome story for the origin of Shroomjak).



Image via anonymous.

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