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  • Jul 19, 2011

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Kaoruko is a Japanese artist whose work explores the idea of "yamato nadeshiko"—the personification of an idealized Japanese woman. A former teen pop star in her home country, Kaoruko is also a self-taught painter who has shown her work throughout Japan, including exhibitions at the Parco Museum and Laforet Museum in Tokyo. She also designs, produces and has directed animation, music videos and TV programs in Japan. Kaoruko currently lives and works in New York. You can view her work here.

Japan is a country with four distinct seasons. The beauty of nature, with its seasonal plants and animals, is often the inspiration of exquisite kimono patterns. Through these patterns, we can see and appreciate Japan's ancient traditions, customs and lifestyle. Within each kimono pattern is an expression of celebration, hope, good fortune, longevity, happiness, protection from evil and happy married life. Japanese traditions have been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. Through my artwork, I would like everyone around the world to understand the beauty of Japanese traditions.