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  • Mar 21, 2011

Book Blog: The Book of Guilty Pleasures

The Book of Guilty Pleasures stems from a listening party project organized by the artist Song-Ming Ang. For the original staging of Guilty Pleasures—commissioned by the Singapore Fringe Festival and presented at the Singapore Art Museum in 2007—Ang invited each member of the audience to confess their guilty aural pleasure. The guests' reasoning for enjoyment and embarrassment was then followed by full disclosures of the shameful sonic evidence.

Expanding the project into book form, Ang and co-editor Kim Cascone have archived the guilty pleasures of 100 different artists, curators, musicians and writers. Though we reluctantly wish for a complimentary mix-tape, The Book of Guilty Pleasures offers a well paced and engaging documentation of the things artists listen to when nobody else is in the room.