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  • Jul 08, 2011

Book Blog: Boxes by Yung Ho Chang

Boxes by Yung Ho Chang

As you read this, somewhere in China (or Dubai or Singapore), a hot shot celebrity architect is designing an inorganic, conceptual glass building that looks like it is going to fall over at any moment. This has been the trend for some time and while I am not even going to pretend to be an architecture expert, I don’t anticipate this changing anytime soon. While I have nothing against buildings like this personally, it is refreshing to know that some architects put function before form. Yung Ho Chang is one of those architects. His approach to projects is holistic. Preferring to use local or recycled materials, he looks at buildings as mini-cities, serving many kinds of people with different needs ranging from the spiritual to the logistical. Chang’s buildings are intended to harmonize, not clash with what is around it.