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  • Aug 01, 2011

August Horoscope

New Moon in Leo: it is the right time to touch base with our creative needs. The next 28 days can be used to process, metabolize and integrate in our life this new impulse. It is a phase in which we can feel the need to attract attention, to be at the center of attention, to feel reassured. In reality, we don’t need to create big dramas: the best way to get the attention we need is to shine in what we do—this will put us in the situation of being a natural leader in the house in which the lunation occurs in our chart. 

The lunation is in trine with Uranus in Aries, underlining the urge to express our individual identity through creative and transformative acts. But these acts should not be only informed by ideology, abstract principles and dogmatic attitudes, other wise we will project an image of rigidity and intransigency that will provoke a subsequent defensive responses. So we need to be in touch with the human factor, as the axis Leo-Aquarius suggests we need to see through ideology in order to be in contact with our soul and heart