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  • Nov 08, 2015

ACAW Field Meeting: "Take 3–Thinking Performance"

Day 1 of

If you had spent even five minutes on the street in any part of downtown Manhattan during the last week of October, you would have witnessed the current vogue for performing: publicly, queerly and exuberantly. The Halloween season and its succession of balls, street parades and parties stretched more than a week, with people donning costumes at all hours. A whisker here, a scar there—fishnet stockings and dinosaur jumpsuits anytime. Amid these public festivities—and, this being New York, countless others, like the city marathon—was Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW), a confederation of gallery openings, museum projects, performances, lectures and the ACAW Field Meeting. The latter, whose third edition, “Take 3: Thinking Performance,” spanned two days and a third night, brought together practitioners from around the world for TED-talk-like “keynotes” and collegial discussions around this irresolvable term.