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  • Nov 04, 2019

2019 Asian Art Biennial: “the Strangers From Beyond the Mountain and the Sea”

Installation view of WANG SISHUN’s Apocalypse, 2015

Rocks and minerals were everywhere at 2019 Asian Art Biennial, titled “The Strangers from Beyond the Mountain and the Sea,” beginning in the lobby of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA), with Wang Sishun’s Apocacylpse series (2015–19), a collection of stones from around the world with anthropomorphic features that evoke the long history of humans living in close contact with the earth. In an atrium outside the galleries, Chiu Chen-Hung’s sculpture Shattered Romance (2019), a deconstructed, colonial-era carrack furnished with blue sails with cloth made from nephrite and meteorite minerals, hung next to Kan Chao-Yang’s white marble sculpture, Wind from the Sea (2006).