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Time Regained

Every new year cultural pundits inundate the media with a stream of forecasts that predict where art and society are going, and while ArtAsiaPacific avowedly anticipates the styles, themes and critical discussions in art for the decade to come, we greet 2010 with a longer view, focusing on the stability offered by a measured perspective, the merits of historical awareness and decisive re-evaluations of many of the artists and movements that have become familiar over the years.


Uzbek Artist to Face “Insult and Slander” Charge

Outrage swept across the Central Asian professional art community as news surfaced in late December 2009 that Umida Akhmedova, a prominent documentary photographer from Uzbekistan, had been criminally charged for “insult and slander of the Uzbek people and traditions.”


Top Commercial Gallerist to Head LA Museum

The January 11 announcement that New York powerhouse dealer Jeffrey Deitch will assume the directorship of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) sent shock waves through the international art world’s institutional and commercial sectors.


Mass Eviction of Beijing Artists

This winter, northern China has seen record low temperatures and heavy snowfall, but for the artists of Beijing’s Zhengyang Creative Art Zone, it has been a particularly cold, hard season.

Essays: Current Affairs

Traveling Without Moving

Two exhibitions of Middle Eastern art made entirely by a Chinese collective challenge a viewer’s sense of what a hoax is worth.

Profiles: In Depth

Scenes from a Nation in Twilight
Bani Abidi

The photographs and videos of Bani Abidi reveal the historical anxieties that shape contemporary Pakistan.

Profiles: Interview

Looking Back at the Influential Summer of 1977
Vasif Kortun

Curator of the Istanbul Biennial in 1992, Vasif Kortun reflects on seminal exhibitions that influenced him, how the Biennial responded to the social and historical context of the city at the time, and the role of private financial support in the formation of Turkey’s cultural scene.

New Zealand Niue

Odes of a Restless Spirit
John Pule

How lyrical and intimate patchworks of lizards, sharks, clouds and churches evoke the traditions, myths and colonial legacies of the Pacific.

Japan UK Bangladesh

Rivers Become Oceans
Tomoko Yoneda

First exhibited at the Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh in 2008, 44-year-old London-based Japanese photographer Tomoko Yoneda’s exhibition, “Rivers Become Oceans,” consisted of works that explore historical resonances concealed in innocuous-looking landscapes.

100 Tonson Gallery

Not Quite a Total Eclipse
Wit Pimkanchanapong

Each new work by Wit Pimkanchanapong tends to be noteworthy, novel and full of play, partly because he ventures into new formats so often—video, animation, graphics, audience-participation experiments, collaborative installations, stage production for rock musicians, you name it.

Various Locations

The Jerusalem Show

Jerusalem has been a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years. “The Jerusalem Show,” however, did not try to turn the holy city into a modern day art mecca, but sought to enact a direct encounter with the city’s residents.

New Zealand Japan Samoa
October Gallery

ethKnowcentrix: Museums Inside the Artist

Of the four artists in “ethKnowcentrix,” a group show of contemporary Pacific art, it is co-curator Rosanna Raymond, born in New Zealand of Samoan descent, whose engaging works dominated the exhibition space through quantity, diversity and force of personality.


Where I Work
Zhang Xiaogang

Zhang Xiaogang’s studio is located in a former motorcycle helmet factory in the village of Hegezhuang—one of the new “art areas” in northeast Beijing.

Print Content
Wish You Were Here: Alex Baker
Questionnaire: Hiroshi Sunairi

My Eight: Heman Chong
The Last Word: Feeding the Copycats

Ideas on a Napkin: Pak Sheung Chuen
Karachi: Asim Butt (1978–2010)
Clevland: Unique Curatorial Post Reinstated
Tehran: Mousavi Fired From State Art Academy
Sydney: Remembering Nick Waterlow
Round Up: Watching the Skies
The Point: Stamping Approval
Auction Report
Whispering Gallery
Perspective: China-Taiwan Relations
Case Study: Justine Cooper
Archives: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
On Location: “The New Silk Roads”

On Location: Ulaanbaatar
Zhang Wang: The Mirrored Facades of Utopia

Photography in South Asia: The Rest of the Picture

Subodh Gupta: Finding New Reasons to Believe
Agus Suwage: All Things Must Pass
Lyon: “Tenth Biennale of Lyon”

Shanghai: Tang Song

Mumbai: Monali Meher
Dubai: Fereydoun Ave

New York: Siah Armajani

Mexico City “Unconquered: Critical Visions from South Korea”
Book Review: New Titles on Photography

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