NOV/DEC 2009

Issue 66
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Do It Yourself

The immediacy of performing with one’s own body allow artists to make ambitious breaks with the past as well as confront taboo subjects. 

Germany China

Ai Weiwei Hospitalized After Beating by Chinese Police

On September 21, Ai Weiwei left Munich University Hospital, where he had received treatment for a brain hemorrhage. 


Government Greenlights Expensive New Public Museum

Australia’s largest city will open a major new public gallery, its third, in addition to the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

France Iran
News: Obituary

Behjat Sadr (1925–2009)

Iranian painter Behjat Sadr died from a heart attack, aged 85, at her home in Southern France on August 11. 

USA Japan

Yoko Ono Work Controversy

 The hammering of nails could be heard during the early weeks of “Target Practice: Painting Under Attack 1949–78” at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), as visitors followed the instructions on a placard next to a 1961 Yoko Ono work—consisting of a hammer, a trough of nails and a white wood panel—entitled Painting to Hammer a Nail: “Visitors are invited to pound a nail into this painting.”

The Point

New Order on the Border: United Kingdom Shuts Out the Arts

The initiation of a new points-based system (PBS) for immigration by the United Kingdom Border Agency in November 2008 has sparked considerable controversy in the British arts community.

Profiles: Personal History

Anxious Objects Waiting to Collide
Roberto Chabet

Veteran impresario Roberto Chabet playfully deconstructs Modernism in the Philippines.


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Zhang Huan

A reflection on the provocative and visceral performances of Zhang Huan and a generation of outsiders that redefined contemporary Chinese art during the 1990s.

Germany Israel

Solitary Refinement
Guy Ben-Ner

From a make-believe desert island in the kitchen to a domestic drama acted out in IKEA stores to a comical plane crash, an artist reinterprets his life through offbeat, cyclical narratives.

New Zealand
Adam Art Gallery

Billy Apple

Barrie Bates renamed himself Billy Apple in 1962, a forceful rebranding that linked his sensibility to the nascent Conceptual and Pop Art movements in equal measure.

Australia Vietnam
Casula Powerhouse

Nam Bang!

Curated with great sensitivity by Vietnamese-Australian Boitran Huynh Beattie, “Nam Bang!” was a unique, vibrant combination of art by Vietnam War veterans from Australia and the United States, contemporary Vietnamese artists from the diaspora and from Vietnam itself, the grown children of veterans still fighting their fathers’ battles with illness and bureaucracy, and protesters.

Palestine USA
Postmasters Gallery

The Thousand and One Nights: Contemporary Artists from Palestine

Effectively displayed in a single gallery, the 11 works in the exhibition ranged from the meditative to the playful to the blatantly discomfiting, underscoring the complexity of artistic responses that have emerged in recent years to address Palestinian displacement.

India Pakistan USA
Luhring Augustine

Zarina Hashmi

Zarina Hashmi has lived and traveled all over the world investigating the essence of identity, drawing upon sources ranging from her childhood memories in Aligarh, India, to contemporary political events.

USA Thailand

Where I Work
Richard Tsao

On an early winter afternoon in New York, Richard Tsao is dashing about his painting studio on the third floor of a former manufacturing building. 

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Proposal X: Ei Arakawa
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Round Up: Small Steps and Big Bucks
Auction Report: Buy Now, Sell Later
Art Fair Report: Fairground Attractions
Whispering Gallery
Current Affairs: An Artist’s Bullish Feeling
Close Read: Missing in Action
Perspective: Beyond Gutai 101
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Preview: Performa 09
Frontlines: Sixth Asia-Pacific Triennial
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Aki Sasamoto: The Sound of Sharpened Footsteps in a Dark Room
Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook: Dialogues With Difference
Tino Sehgal: The Unbearable Lightness of Possession
Venice: “53rd Venice Biennale”
Tokyo: Ai Weiwei
Beijing: Gu Dexin
Bangkok: Taring Padi
Kolkata: KG Subramanyan
New York: “Emperor’s New Clothes”
New York: Yang Fudong
Los Angeles: “Your Bright Future”
Book Review: New Titles on Performance Art

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