MAR/APR 2008

Issue 57
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Transcendental Destruction

As the art world continues ascending to dizzying commercial heights, ArtAsiaPacific no. 57 blazes ahead into 2008 by investigating themes of landscapes, paradise and destruction through the work of artists, curators and initiatives devoted to changing the art map. 


Taipei Biennial Finds Bearing with Art Compass

Addressing poor VIP attendance at the 2006 Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum director Hsieh Hsiao-yun announced in December that the 6th Taipei Biennial in 2008 will “compete” with eight other biennials occurring simultaneously in East Asia and Australia.

Jordan Palestine Lebanon Syria

Touring Festival Provides Meeting Point for West Asian Artists

West Asian artists working in new media received a boost in recent months at the fifth installment of the traveling contemporary arts festival Meeting Points. 

News : Passings

Ismail Gulgee (1926-2007)

One of Pakistan’s best-known painters, Ismail Gulgee, was found dead along with his wife and maid on the evening of December 19 in their Karachi home, victims of an apparent robbery. 

News: The Point

The Virtual Muse and her Taxman

Calling all investors: How would you like to own artworks that remain in pristine condition, are accessible 24/7, require no storage, no transportation, no insurance costs and trigger no capital gains tax when sold? This fantastical proposition is possible today if you own artwork in virtual reality.

Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan

MUSEUMstan: Central Asia’s Contemporary Art Revolution

The debut of the Central Asia Pavilion at the 2005 Venice Biennale brought a rush of international attention to contemporary art from the region. 

USA China

The Art of War
Cai Guo-Qiang

Having addressed a fictive outer space audience for much of his career, an explosive artist comes back to earth for a landmark survey at New York’s Guggenheim Museum.


Paradise Found & Lost
Salima Hashmi

The National Art Gallery marked a turning point for Pakistani contemporary art, but political unrest compels a pioneering curator to take the show on the road.

Mujin-To Production

Thank You Celeb Project: I’m BOKAN

The collective Chim↑Pom was formed in 2005 by six artists in their 20s based in Tokyo. Calling themselves “art soldiers,” these young rebels specialize in socially engaged projects with an irreverent bent.

Thailand Cambodia
H Gallery

Sopheap Pich

Bangkok exhibitions are featuring more artists from abroad, as demonstrated by “Tidal,” the Thailand debut of 39-year-old Cambodian sculptor Sopheap Pich. 

USA China

Where I Work
David Diao

Outside an imposing building near New York’s Chinatown, a key flutters to the ground from a window on the top floor, nearly hitting a luxury sedan idling curbside. David Diao, known for his minimal paintings investigating modernism’s defining themes and iconography, moved into the former textile warehouse 34 years ago.

Print Content
Bidding for the Collective
Houston: Texas Festival Fetes Chinese Photography
Beijing: Indonesian Collector, Singapore Museum Touch Down in Beijing
Manchester: Asian Art Triennial Launches in Manchester
Chicago: Indian Artist Commemorates Holocaust with New Commission
Various Locations: Auction Forecast – The Year of the (Mickey) Maos
Passings: Sadanand K. Bakre (1920–2007)
Various Locations: Round Up – Women Steal the Headlines
Passings: Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin (1957-2007)
Whispering Gallery
Anyang Public Art Project: Out of Thin Air
The Art of Corruption: Thai Artists Take on Politics
SH Raza: Still Evolving
Yan Lei: Breathe Deep, Super Light and Sparkling
Lida Abdul: Landscapes of Remembrance
Shaun Gladwell: Mortis Ex Machina
Why Go to Tibet? Qiu Zhijie in Shangri-La
Tibetan Contemporary Art: Beyond the Cultural Mask
Sydney: “News From Islands”
Shanghai: “Soft Power – Asian Attitude”
Beijing: Anish Kapoor
Hong Kong: Wilson Shieh
Mumbai / New Delhi: Gargi Raina
Mumbai: Ratheesh T.
Milan: “Indian Art Now”
Luxembourg: Manuel Ocampo
New York: Mala Iqbal
New York: Yang Jiechang
Book Review: Cloth-Bound Exhibitions
Sarah Rahbar: Weaving the Flag

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