NOV/DEC 2007

Issue 56
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In Search of Lost Time

One of this summer’s most lauded exhibitions, “Artempo: Where Time Becomes Art” at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, presented a mélange of eastern and western artifacts, antiques, Renaissance masters and contemporary work together in the beautifully decaying Gothic mansion of Mariano Fortuny (1871-1949), the Spanish-born designer who was, among other things, an inspiration for French writer Marcel Proust.

Essays: State of the Art

Pakistan Goes Global!

This past July, as the crowds descended upon Europe for the Grand Tour of Venice, Kassel and Münster, a modest convergence of gallery shows in London and New York heralded Pakistan’s arrival on the international art market. 

USA Japan

Murakami’s GEISAI Festival Reemerges in Miami after Yearlong Hiatus

Japanese artist-entrepreneur Takashi Murakami continues his bid to galvanize new modes of artistic production with the transplant of Japan’s successful GEISAI arts festival to Miami for December’s PULSE Contemporary Art Fair.


Public Outcry Sways Lebanon Censors

In a breakthrough for the Lebanese art scene, multimedia artist Rabih Mroue’s critically acclaimed play How Nancy Wished That Everything Was an April Fool’s Joke made its national debut on August 30 at Beirut’s Masrah al-Madina Theater in the city’s trendy Hamra district after public outcry following its ban by government censors. 


Museum Fever Breaks Out in China

One thing you can say about the Chinese—they never do things by halves. Only 10 years ago the government vilified avant-garde art as “spiritual pollution.” But recent years have seen an abrupt turn, with contemporary art exhibitions at state-run museums, government-supported biennials in Shanghai and Beijing and official participation at the Venice Biennale in 2003 (cancelled due to SARS). 

Korea, South

Wayward Tangents
Lee Bul

A Korean dictator’s Japanese past meets a miners’ union and a modernist visionary at the summit of a legendary mountain in disputed territory.


Backward Progress
The Long March Project

Inspired by the Chinese Communist Party’s epic cross-country retreat from Nationalist forces in 1934, the Long March Project itself is hard to define.

798 / Red Gate Gallery

Lhasa: New Art from Tibet

Tibet, to most people, is a remote society frozen in time with Buddhist temples and high mountains. However, the first gallery exhibition in China outside of Tibet to showcase its contemporary art, “Lhasa – New Art from Tibet,” suggests that the territory is not beyond the realm of rapid modernization and globalization affecting the rest of the country.

Kathmandu Gallery

Nirvana / Paradise: Reality / Illusion
Montri Toemsombat

Montri Toemsombat is known for performance and gallery installations that take a meditative, questioning look at art and life. Here, in his first effort at conceptual photography, he turns toward graphic social critique.

Exit Art

Sultana’s Dream

Marking its 10th anniversary, New York’s South Asian Women’s Creative Collective organized “Sultana’s Dream” on the heels of such major exhibitions as the Brooklyn Museum of Art’s “Global Feminisms” and the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art’s “WACK.” “Sultana’s Dream” featured over 30 female artists from South, Central and West Asia, and was dominated by new-media works, all of which were collaborations among multiple artists. 

India UK

Where I Work
Raqib Shaw

Raqib Shaw created a sensation with his first suite of paintings loosely based on Hieronymus Bosch’s 15th-century triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delight. However, unlike the Flemish master, Shaw celebrated the pursuit of pleasure without boundaries, painting underwater paradises with hybrid creatures in erotic play.

Print Content
Beijing: Ullens Center Opens in Beijing with ‘85 New Wave
Shanghai: Accessible Art Makes Mark on Shanghai
Various Locations: Artists Roll Through Autumn Award Season
New York: New Neighbors Bring Chinese Stars to New York
Shanghai: ShContemporary Serves Up Asian Match Point
Sydney: Asia-Australia Arts Centre Names New Director
New York: Asian Contemporary Art Fair Debuts in New York
New York & Hong Kong: Auction Update – Barely Covered
Passings: Tsang Tsou-Choi (1922-2007)
Whispering Gallery
The Point: Poison Ivy – Cleaning up a Korean Art Conspiracy
Roxane Zand: Sotheby’s Old Category New Hand
Zina Kaye, Caia Hagel & Tim Georgeson: Text Messages
Gu Wenda: Mutations and Permutations
Intelligent Design: Tokyo Institutions Open Gates to Art Crossovers
Hyunsook Lee: Queen of Seoul
Tehching Hsieh: The Art of Survival
Matthew Ngui: Point of View
Bharti Kher: Transformative Vision
Paul Chan: Art in Reverse
Ranjani Shettar: Fire in the Belly
Tokyo: Shimabuku
Taipei: “Stroll”
Shanghai: “Reversing Horizons”
Hong Kong: John Young
Mumbai: “PINK”
Paris: “!NDIA !”
Dublin: Nalini Malani
New York: “Journeys”
Dallas: U-Ram Choe
Los Angeles: Song Kun
San Francisco: Shi Guorui
Film Review: Persepolis
Book Review: The Richness of Life – The Personal Photographs of Contemporary Chinese Artist Liu Xiaodong 1984–2006
Chu Yun: Lost Before The Object

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