MAY/JUN 2007

Issue 53
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Things Fall Apart; The Center Cannot Hold

Over the past decade, Asian and Pacific artists have received increasing attention from events and institutions that have long reflected the viewpoint of a presiding Euro-American cultural establishment. 

Essays: State of the Art

Living in a Beautiful Japan

Recently elected prime minister Shinzo Abe declares that he wished to create a “Beautiful Japan.” 


Sherman Galleries Goes Non-profit

In a visionary move, Gene Sherman, founder and owner of Sherman Galleries, has decided to forge a new path in philanthropy. 

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Collects Cultural Capital

Abu Dhabi’s massive cultural development on Saadiyat Island, a USD 27 billion development off the emirate’s coast that has already secured the latest franchise in the Guggenheim Foundation’s global empire, added another jewel to its crown with the announcement in early March that the French government had signed an accord with the UAE capital’s tourism authority approving the establishment of a Louvre affiliate there.

United Arab Emirates

DIFC Gulf Art Fair

The DIFC Gulf Art Fair kicked off auspiciously on March 7 just as the ink of French president Jacques Chirac’s pen was drying in a formal agreement for the Louvre’s new Abu Dhabi outpost. 

Italy USA China

Not Only Possible But Also Necessary: Art in the Present Tense

Much of the art world’s attention has been focused on the once-in-a-decade convergence this summer of the Venice Biennale, the five-year periodic survey of contemporary art documenta and the 10-year periodic festival Sculpture Projekte Münster, all opening within days of each other in June. 


The Freedom of Irreverence
Ai Weiwei

China’s opening to the West in the 1990s was fueled by the government’s desire for economic expansion and the establishment of a commodity-based culture. 

Vinzavod Art District

“We Are Your Future”

Organized by New York gallery impresarios Ethan Cohen and Juan Puntes, “We Are Your Future” brought together 33 Chinese and Latin American artists and artist groups as a satellite event of the Moscow Biennale. 

USA Tonga Papua New Guinea Samoa
Art Galleries, California State University

“Island Affinities: Contemporary Art of Oceania”

Oceania is a region of both great cultural diversity and similarity, fostered by the forces of migration, colonialism and globalization.  

USA India Singapore Australia Malaysia
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Simryn Gill

Simryn Gill is the quintessential postcolonial artist, less so because of her transnational biography—Indian extraction, born in Singapore, raised in Malaysia and now based in Sydney—than because of her deep engagement with the history of colonial expansion in Southeast Asia. 


Where I Work
Liu Wei

To get from downtown Beijing to Liu Wei’s studio in Songzhuang village, one must travel by car across 30 miles of urbanized land that belongs to Beijing Municipality. Here, traditional peasant villages have been transformed into artist villages.

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Mito: “The Door into Summer: The Age of Micropo”
Hong Kong: Tong Yanrunan
Beijing: Wang Xingwei
Shanghai: “Body Talk”
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London: Amrita Sher-Gil & Vivan Sundaram
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New York: Huang Yong Ping
San Francisco: “World Factory: Active Witness”
Film Review: Mongolian Ping Pong
Book Review: Memory, Metaphor, Mutations – Contemporary Art of India and Pakistan
Eko Nugroho: Your Freedom Embrasing Me

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