Guerrilla Talks: Luc Tuyman

Multimedia Aug 2012

For a second year running, ArtAsiaPacific hosted a series of Guerrilla Talks live from the booth at Art HK in late May. Joining us in short, casual conversation, were over 30 artists, curators, collectors, museum directors, archivists and architects, offering a window into the diverse practices and interests that intersect nowadays.

On the first day of the fair, in the afternoon, Belgian painter Luc Tuyman spoke at length about his painting process, and the influences of the moving image and new media on his work. Last year, Tuyman’s first major retrospective (co-produced by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Wexner Center for the Arts), included, among works from his 30-year oeuvre, some Super 8, Super 16 and 35 mm films that Tuyman shot in the 1970s during his frustrated withdrawal from painting. These films, which Tuyman remarked were never meant to be shown as finished artworks, brought him back to the “first conceptual image” and were to have a lasting influence on his style.