Apr 06 2019

2019 Creative Expo Taiwan unveils a new cultural corridor in Taipei [SPONSORED]


*Last updated April 18, 2019.

This post is sponsored by Creative Expo Taiwan.

2019 Creative Expo Taiwan, Chief Curator Tammy Liu of BIAS Architects.

This year’s Creative Expo Taiwan marks the opening of a new cultural corridor, tracing the old Civic Boulevard railroad, and stretching nine kilometers from east to west across Taipei. 

Themed “Culture On the Move,” 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan takes place from April 24 to May 5 at five locations along the new cultural corridor, which connects the cultural hubs with the historical heritage of the old railroad. The 12-day festival showcases an A-to-Z of Taiwanese culture and creativity, from art installations and performances to emerging graphic designers and lifestyle brands. Taipei will become a creative arena, stimulating interaction and ideas through a myriad of cultural dynamics.

At Huashan 1914 Creative Park, curated by BIAS Architects, “Stage On the Move” showcases art installations, performing arts, talk shows, and theater. Meanwhile, also at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, “Places On the Move” exhibits craft and food from four cities in Taiwan: Taoyuan, Tainan, Taitung, and Pingtung. Plus, an exhibition of tea and craft is curated by two celebrated Taiwanese designers, Pili Wu and Gina Hsu.

At Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, organized by Taiwan Design Center, one half of “Fair On the Move” is an expo of designer lifestyle brands from Taiwan and overseas. And at Taipei Expo Park – Expo Dome, the other half of “Fair On the Move” acts as a licensing platform for graphic designers and illustrators, again from both Taiwan and overseas.

Situated in the former Air Force Command Headquarters, at Taiwan Contemporary Culture Laboratory (C-Lab), “School On the Move” teaches visitors about Taiwanese culture, as well as global trends in art and design. And lastly at TRW Railway Museum, “Infrastructure On the Move” is an observation platform that transforms the remnants of the old Civic Boulevard railroad into a visual spectacle.

Ahead of the expo’s opening, Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture held a press conference at Huashan 1914 Creative Park on April 17, hosted by the Taiwanese comedian Mickey Huang, who has been the event’s ambassador for the past five years. Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chiun was present to officially unveil the upcoming program.

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