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Issue 88
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Remember When?

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How did the final weeks of spring become a dizzying two months of shopping? With the back-to-back fairs of Frieze New York, Art Basel in Hong Kong and Art Basel in Basel, and the front-to-front auctions for modern and contemporary wares in New York, Hong Kong and London

Reports: The Point

Educating the “Gifted” in Singapore

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In 1989, Dr. Neville Ellis, an art teacher in one of the top high schools in Singapore, published an article titled “Will the Gifted Blossom?” in School Arts magazine. The essay provides an account of how Singapore’s Art Elective Programme (AEP) was established, refined and implemented in a handful of top-ranking secondary schools. 

Profiles: Artists

The Origin of Invented Species
Robert Zhao Renhui

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Behind the lemon-yellow door in Singapore’s Goodman Arts Centre lies an idiosyncratic collection belonging to a 31-year-old artist and self-professed natural-history lover. Whimsical memorabilia fills the laboratory-like space; life-size replicas of a rottweiler, tortoise and stork greet the visitor.

Vietnam Indonesia Thailand
Profiles: Collectors

Documenting Vietnam
Adrian Jones

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Adrian Jones is not a familiar name in the who’s who of international art collectors. This 48-year-old Englishman lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, and maintains a modest profile—despite having written a successful book on video games at age 17, in 1983, and developing an early Windows-based email system called WinMail that was licensed by IBM.


Memory, Corrected
Saloua Raouda Choucair

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As visitors to Tate Modern’s 2013 show on Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair turned into the penultimate gallery, they were stopped in their tracks by a startling sight. Before them stood a rickety picture frame holding a grimy, mangled painting with a gaping, fist-sized hole at its center. 

China India

Bharti Kher

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The four-year-old Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) has organized several important exhibitions of acclaimed Chinese contemporary artists during its short history. “Misdemeanours” brought about a change, presenting a 15-year survey of one of India’s most eminent artists, Bharti Kher. 

Singapore Indonesia

The Swimmers
Angki Purbandono & Paps

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The gorgeous image of a partially devoured goldfish sets the tone for “The Swimmers,” a solo exhibit by Angki Purbandono at Mizuma Gallery’s Singapore location. The Indonesian artist presented some two dozen trenchant scan-art works that he had created together with fellow inmates during his ten-month stint in a Yogyakarta prison from December 2012. 

Where I Work

Xu Zhen

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Winter in Shanghai brings frigid, cruel weather. Ice forms on desultory puddles and residual snow lurks in shadowy corners. The sun hides behind a blanket of pollution and the air is stagnant. 

Hong Kong Australia
Fine Print

A Contract for Critical Thought

No one can talk about the contents in the room. Period. That is the unyielding underlying principle of The Social Contract (2007– ), a project conceived by Jacqueline Riva and Geoffrey Lowe, who together form the collaborative A Constructed World. 

In-Print Only Content
Nadim Abbas on Yoshihiro Togashi
Taking a Stand
I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want
Keeping the Faith
Let the Battle Commence . . .
Gathering Traces
Shifting Symbols
Sharpness of the Senses
How Rich? Crazy Rich.
Addressing the Now
Gary Ross Pastrana: The Spaces In Between
Wu Tsang: Invisible Boundaries
Poppy Hadiman Setiawan: A Homegrown Canon
William Lim: An Architectural Vision
Patrick Corrigan: Sharing a Passion
Feroze Gujral: Fostering a Legacy
Leo Shih: Between Eye and Beholder
Josh Hon: Structure and Illusion
Hybrid Voices: The Rising Generation of Saudi Artists
So, We Performed: Threatre and the Taiwanese Avant-Garde, 1965
Inside Burger Collection
Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China
Kyuchul Ahn: Drawn to the Rainbow
Lee Kit: ‘You.’
Lim Sokchanlina: Urban Street Night Club
Colombo Art Biennale: Making History
Subodh Gupta: Everything is Inside
V. Ramesh: Remembrance of Voices Past
Etel Adnan: In all Her Dimensions
Aung Ko: Breakfast with My Enemy
Arahmaiani: Fertility of the Mind
Tallur LN: Balancing Act
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Past Tense
Troubled in Tibet
Rasheed Araeen

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