MAY/JUN 2008

Issue 58
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The Writing’s On The Wall

Shrugging off concerns about a global recession in 2008, the art market barrels ahead, mining the emerging art communities in major metropolises and regional capitals for undervalued talent. 

Essays: State of the Art

Liu Xiaodong’s Paintings of Tibet

Silence was my immediate response to the ambitious new paintings depicting Tibet by Liu Xiaodong at New York’s Mary Boone Gallery. 

USA Iraq

Political Video Installation by Iraqi Artist Censored

Night of Bush Capturing: Virtual Jihadi (2008), the latest installation work by Chicago-based Iraqi artist Wafaa Bilal, opened as part of a residency at the Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York, on March 6, but it was closed by university administrators the following day after mounting pressure from students and former alumni. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Welcomes New Art Fair

Hong Kong joins the international art fair itinerary with the inaugural Art HK 08, a five-day event showcasing nearly 100 galleries from 17 countries, opening at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 14. 


Frank Cohen: Do-It-Yourself

Like the Astors, Rockefellers, Fricks and other industrialist art collectors of the early 20th century, Frank Cohen is determined to get what he wants, and he will work for it, unlike the spoiled hedge-fund collectors of today. 


Square Words, Round Paradigms: Contemporary Calligraphy in China

As they rewrite a millennia-old canon, avant-garde artists are still catching up to the original interactive medium of calligraphy.

Japan USA

The Artist in Her Unfinished Avant-Garden
Yoko Ono

Having long explored the immateriality of art, a celebrated peace icon turns to a fitting new medium to unite imaginations: online communities.

Multiple Venues

“Brand New”

Since the National Gallery initiated Thailand’s first annual show of young artists almost five decades ago, that and kindred exhibitions have traditionally been limited to painting and sculpture, featuring one or two works by dozens of artists. 

India Switzerland
Kunstmuseum Bern

“Horn Please: Narratives in Contemporary Indian Art”

India has undergone profound social changes since the rise of new information technologies sparked spectacular growth in the 1990s. The show’s title, “Horn Please,” refers to the ubiquitous, quaintly polite signs on the back of Indian trucks asking drivers to honk before overtaking. 

UK Korea, South
Korean Cultural Centre UK

“Good Morning, Mr. Nam June Paik!”

The inaugural exhibition at London’s new Korean Cultural Centre, “Good Morning, Mr. Nam June Paik!” presented works by 24 contemporary Korean artists. One of Korea’s most famous contemporary artists, Nam June Paik (1932–2006) is regarded as the founder of video art. 


Where I Work
Farhad Moshiri

An immense and noisy city, Tehran resembles Los Angeles: traffic jams snarl the freeways until two in the morning. 

Print Content
Beijing: Sudden Departure at New Ullens Center
Hong Kong: Fashion House Brings Artists Together Under Curvilinear Roof
Sydney: Australian Collector Parts with Massive Contemporary Trove
Various Locations: Auction Report – Correction, Not a Correction
San Francisco: New Director at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Various Locations: Art Fair Report – A Caravan of White Cubes
Passings: Kazuo Shiraga (1924–2008)
Round Up: Censorship Issues
Whispering Gallery
The Point: Origins of the Chinese Avant-Garde
Sundaram Tagore: The Business of Cultural Diplomacy
Lance Fung: Collective Wisdom
Sharmini Pereira: Art Books as Artworks
Sam Keller: From Miami Beach to Mumbai
Architecture In Script: From Without Boundary To Archive Fever
Text Appeal: Australasian Text in Images
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries: Flash-Flood
Tsang Kin-Wah: Stream of Consciousness
New Plymouth: “Activating Korea: Tides of Collective Action”
Sydney: Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy
Tokyo: Tadashi Kawamata
Shanghai: Qiu Anxiong
Mumbai: Praneet Soi
Naples: “Footprints Into the Future”
Antwerp: “Santhal Family: Positions Around an Indian Sculpture”
New York: Xu Zhen
San Francisco: Zhan Wang
Book Review: Architecture – Modernism Alive and Well
ISE: A Republic of His Own

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