LIU CHUANG, Lithium Lake and the Lonely Island of Polyphony, 2020, still from three-channel video with color and sound: 35 min 55 sec. Courtesy the artist and Antenna Space, Shanghai.

Taipei Biennial 2020: You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet

In December 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 snapped a picture of home as they rocketed toward the moon. The Blue Marble has since become the most reproduced image of Earth, the view of our small and distant planet forever etched into our self-imagination. Preoccupied with different ways of seeing the world, and the ideologies and upheavals they reveal, the 2020 Taipei Biennial, conceived by Bruno Latour, Martin Guinard, and Eva Lin under the title “You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet,” proposed a new vantage point for interpreting our place in the universe.

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