May 24 2012

Zine at ArtHK12

by Debbie Poon

Thank you to all who contributed to the collection of zines we showcased at the ArtHK12 art fair last week!

貓貓和狗狗 fuben.org

6 Rolls boringtrash.com

10 things to do before the end of the world helyn-gulley.blogspot.com & thegoldpony.tumblr.com


Again meheluo1985@yahoo.com.cn, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Aria a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Automatic Assassin zizekpress.com

Backyard wg-20.com, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Blink nodawakaba.com

By Gones by Du Yang duyangfoto.com, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Charcoal by Oli Johns zizekpress.com

Cloak and Dagger cloak.dagger.hk@gmail.com

The Confucius City and its Museum 88books.ca

Da Qin Island 88books.ca

Date unknown liamgreenall.com

Day of End by Rev. Elation

Digital Building by Liu Yuan Jia Zazhi press, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Dorian’s Album 88books.ca

Dreamer 02# dreamer-fty.com

Dreamer Magazine dreamerzine.cn

End of Days Entrees: Survivalist Home Cooking in a Fallen World by Jenna-Leah Turpin

Freight Train Field Recordings, P.O. Box 1957, New York, NY 10013 USA

Glass 88books.ca

Gupter Puncher zizekpress.com

Holiday anniversary issue matt@mattellwood.co.nz

Home Away jimifranklin.com, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

How To Sleep Faster arcadiamissa.com

I Feel Orange Magazine facebook.com/ifeelorange

If The World Still Have Another Me weibo.com/lewintime

I’m sitting alone, still bibichun.blogspot.com

Impermanent Instant 88books.ca

Inessential 88books.ca

Is Right?

Jack (Spelt the French way) kayleighsaunders8@gmail.com

Let it be a sweet sweet sound

Lovely Daze Issue 6: A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose lovelydaze.com

Lovely Daze Issue 8: Pilgrimage lovelydaze.com

Lovely Daze Special Edition: Taipei Contemporary Art Center lovelydaze.com

Native English Terror Squad hkartguide.blogspot.com

No One Knows Time a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Nojiji 2012 nojiji.com

Obsessed sunyanchu.com, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

One-man magazine nothing.cn, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Pananaw 7 ncca.gov.ph

Qwong Zine

Shining Shimmering Splendid by TEEM

Spring im024.com, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

The Beginning of the End of the World li_james_xu@hotmail.com

Touch by GJF-design studio, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Untitled life 88books.ca

VERSATILE – A Selfish Sensitive Image Zine linzhipeng223.com

Wild Oats No.223 linzhipeng223.com, a-perfect-book-for-bananafish.com

Winds from Aidingkol

White Fungus whitefungus.com

You left, and I… bibichun.blogspot.com