Mar 05 2012

Your March Horoscope

by Monica Smith

This New Moon takes place in the sign of Pisces. In a sea of feelings, boundaries tend to melt away. We feel the need to deepen our connections with life and feel the embrace of something bigger than ourselves. The Moon’s constant state of change rules the ebb and flow of our emotional tides, reflecting our needs, moods and daily deeds. In this period it will be even more potent and emotionally charged. Limitless Pisces deals better with immaterial reality and this makes it hard to buckle down and deal with details or with the constant care that material reality requires.

Visionary Neptune’s conjunction to this lunation, with his artistic inspiration and romantic reveries, enhances the natural detachment of Pisces, blurring the line between reality and dreams and creating a state of confusion between the two. The result is that this strong aspiration to an ideal state of harmony, beauty and unity cannot be achieved if it is not tempered with a practical attitude of service and desire to be involved in reality.

The response to this feeling of entrapment in the harsh reality can go from self pity, victimization, frustration, to escapism in parallel worlds with the help of recreational drugs, prescribed drugs, alcohol, compulsive work, self-sacrifice. . . We should not forget that society gives us the illusion that we can create our reality based on our desires.

The idea that we can tailor our life as we please is dangerous because it hides the presumption that the world revolves around us. Resentments, caused by the frustration of our dreams and ideal visions, can also become fuel for a radical rebellion against the status quo, martyrdom being the extreme act of negation. In reality, it is self-growth, as a result of internal change, that improves the world around us.

With this watery lunation, there is the temptation to escape all confined spaces, both within and without, but with Mars retrograde in Virgo, going with the flow will be rather difficult, because every action needs to be accurate, precise and verified. Therefore this month can be a fruitful period if it is dedicated to refining skills. We must remember that criticism is useful only when it serves a purpose.

Mercury will soon enter impulsive Aries, activating the mind. Intuition and entrepreneurial innovative ideas will tend to run ahead of their time. When Mercury turns retrograde on March 12, we will be encouraged to maintain some self-restraint in order to double check them. Missing details and all kind of miscommunications with Mercury retrograde will grow more complicated, and all sort of annoyances will oblige us to slow down and reconsider our thoughts before sharing them. Mercury will turn direct in the beginning of April, when intellectual challenges, brainstorms and provocative speeches can set fire to the dry woods of this difficult period of global crisis.

Jupiter in fertile Taurus and Pluto in achieving oriented Capricorn are in trine since September last year. Together they express the potential for wisdom and power, qualities that are extremely difficult to balance even with a favorable aspect like the trine. Therefore double checking critical facts will be helpful with over optimistic Jupiter in Taurus. If we do so, this can be an excellent period for long-term planning.

Saturn in Libra is giving us the image of what could be the best way to keep us in contact with reality and at the same time nourish our ideas and visions. Saturn, as a constructive limit, is the principle of the ability to give form, while Libra rules the arts, giving meaning and beauty and lifting the spirits.

Art is the transformative tools par excellence and can be applied in all fields of life and be sustained in many ways. Artists are the ones who constantly deal with bringing down to earth their visions, their dreams, intuitive inner voices, and making them a reality. We can be the artist of our life if we use the challenges of this period as opportunities to find new ways of living a fulfilling life, not in a naïve way, but in a way that can radically transform our society by creatively transforming, first, the very basis on which our lives stand.

This lunar month is ideal for taking breaks from routine activities to nourish the soul, meditate, walk in nature, listen to music, start an art course. . .buy artworks, go to museums, finance art institutions. . .read art books and subscribe to art magazines.

In giving energy, attention and time to these activities, we will receive precious inspirations.