Jan 04 2012

Your January Horoscope

by Monica Smith

This Lunar Month began on the 24th of December in the sign of Capricorn, a special day indeed for planting new seeds for the time ahead, and a good period for establishing long-term plans. The Moon-Sun conjunction takes place a few degrees from Pluto: it charges this lunation of an intense desire to reach our goals and it gives full potency to the cycle that has just begun in order to break down barriers and tap into the depths of ourselves. 

A useful guiding image that can help is the myth of Persephone, who travels the underworld to learn about the laws of life: its constant change, metamorphosis, death and rebirth. It is the right time to release old fears, to clear the way, to allow inner treasures to be discovered, to learn life-reviving lessons. In the next weeks our dreams can be unusual and weird; take note of them because this is the way subconscious material emerges and fertilizes our lives with precious insight that will became clearer over time. Dreams activate our internal wisdom, bringing up hidden aspects that will suggest us new perspectives and help us understand our deep motivations better.

Since the emotions stirred up by this lunation are very intense, we may feel overwhelmed and insecure, and when faced with emotional upheaval we might tend to seek security; to  harden our defense seems the most “logical and rational” course of action. However, in the long run, this strategy only weakens us, as it ultimately leads to a state of emotional loneliness. It is better to seek a more balanced response.

Saturn in Libra rules this Capricorn lunation and can indicate healthier ways to nurture our inner needs for security, all the while protecting our emotional rights and remaining strong. This alternative approach is suggested by a creative use of the Saturn-Jupiter opposition in sextile and trine to the New Moon, where Saturn’s practical sense can cooperate with Jupiter in Taurus’s optimism, highlighting the fact that we should have a softer approach if we want to achieve our goals…

Saturn is transiting in the last degrees of Libra for another year, therefore we will have time to learn not to project our own faults, insecurities and mistakes onto those around us. These fears come from within ourselves; all the obstacles are barriers we put up, boundaries that not always are natural or needed. It is only through self-awareness and self-knowledge that we can be at peace with ourselves and the world around us. 

This is very true also on a larger scale with the politic, the economy and all the social issues we face today in a constantly transforming world. It is hard to find a balance between security of nations (Pluto in Capricorn), the need for the economy to flourish (Jupiter in Taurus) and human rights that have to be recognized (Saturn in Libra). This balance is even difficult to achieve as well exemplified by Uranus in Aries; all around the world, people are reclaiming individual freedom and the right of choosing the lives they want to live, but this is not really an option in a world in which, for too many of us, even the must basic human rights are something we still have to fight for…

To motivate us toward greater achievements, in spite of the chaotic reality around us, we must gather momentum from deep within ourselves and tap in to the immense deposit of creativity that is present in all of us. This requires courage, will and a pioneering instinct. We need to see the chaotic, turbulent situation as a dynamic opportunity to act differently than before and to plant seeds of change in all of what we do, day by day. 

Venus in Aquarius squaring Jupiter suggests that a more innovative system of values is needed in order to instill a degree of detachment from personal wealth; this attitude will orient Jupiter in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, on a more sensitive track in terms of material possessions, and will inspire Saturn in Libra toward a more cooperative attitude in setting laws and rules.

Chiron sestile to the lunation is a kind of reminder: we need to be aware that wounds can’t always be healed; sometimes we can only let resentments go and accept the fact that suffering is part of life; it is only by going on with our lives that we can express the best of it.

With Neptune conjunct Chiron, both in sestile with the lunation, our desires for unity, transcendency and salvation can be expressed by images of collective catharsis, an annihilating Armageddon that precedes the birth of a new era. We can see it in films, books, TV programs; artists, poets, mystics and movie stars are all trying to give different views of what is ahead of us. Since Neptune is still in Aquarius, these images are projected on science, technology, genetic modifications and new inventions that could ultimately destroy or save our world. 

Mercury, unaspected in Sagittarius, a symbol of our mind set, gives us an image of the independent and broader way of thinking which we need if we want to correlate all the pieces of this complex puzzle that is the world we live in at the moment.  Since mid-December, Mercury moves direct and, since until the first week of January it will be moving along the same degrees for the third time, we will have opportunity to synthesize the lessons we are getting from all kind of disruptions and setbacks we experienced in the last two months. 

Now that life has hopefully reshaped our goals toward what really matters and is worth our efforts, we need to proceed from these new perspectives, Especially now that Jupiter moves direct again, after being retrograde since August 30; opportunities that have stalled should proceed again at a steady pace, and we will need well-conceived plans to unfold our projects for the coming future. 

The Capricorn New Moon can also symbolize New Year’s resolutions: our aims for success will have the support of the innovative and transformational forces represented  by Uranus and Pluto, so feel carefully what is right for you; ask yourself where your ambitions are rooted. Making manifest our needs, first of all to ourselves and then to others, will help reaching our goals.

Therefore this year we should keep our “to do” list close by because we will need to activate it: this time there is little space for excuses or procrastination. It is very likely that we will be challenged to put our resolutions in to practice by deep forces within our selves. The good news is that Mars in Virgo reflects practical, sound determination in sorting things out and acting accordingly.

Here are few suggestions for our New Year’s resolutions…

Missing somebody? …..Call

Want to meet ? ……..Invite

Want to be understood?……….Explain

Have questions? ……….Ask

Don’t like something? ………Say it

Like something? …………State it

Want something? ……………..Ask for it

Love someone? ……………Tell them

Nobody knows what is in your heart/mind

It’s better to Express rather than to Expect

You already have the NO, take the risk of getting the YES

We just have one life, at a time …

Keep it simple

Welcome to 2012.