Jun 01 2011

Your Horoscope in June

by Monica Smith

This new moon in Gemini brings movement, trade and communication. The seeds of change have sprouted and growing strong by the day, thanks to the perseverance with which they were nurtured during the preceding Moon cycle that started in Taurus. The world is experiencing a period of long-needed deconstruction—whatever area of our life this might be impacting, the proper course of action now is to be alert to news and ideas coming one’s way. In case you have news or ideas for others, now is the time to give them a voice, to disseminate and communicate them. In the coming weeks all types of media will be indispensable. Seek the company of stimulating people. Be flexible, adaptable, spontaneous, and let us remember to think with our own head.

Mercury rules Gemini. In Greek mythology Mercury is the winged messenger, Hermes, the god who wears a winged hat, symbol of the agility of the mind. The energy of Gemini will be an excellent ally now that we need to introduce lightness to complete the daunting task at hand, by the force of thought, irony, and intelligence.

“Beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.” – Comte de Lautréamont

We need surrealism in these times in which reality confronts us with increasingly unsettling situations. We need to tap into the inventive richness of the Surreal. We need to transcend the limiting perspective of what is or is not possible; not in a spirit of transgression for its own sake, but to allow room for answers never thought of before.

Surreal beauty, comes from finding two real objects, real, existing, that have nothing in common, together in a place equally alien to both. This situation generates an unexpected vision that gives us the idea of a different order of reality. In this sense, mobile and versatile, mercurial intelligence has the resources to walk between worlds, with an added child-like innocence, to precipitate new ideas and different perspectives.
The chart of the lunation, sees the Aries boost still highly concentrated, with Uranus at the beginning of the sign and Jupiter about to leave it, while Venus, Mars and Mercury in Taurus, are firmly anchored in concrete values, practical action and deliberation before action.  On our ability to use the data we will collect during this period, will depend the opportunity to combine them in new creative ways—experiment with new connections and invent new responses to old situations.

Saturn in Libra forms a trine with the New Moon, a supportive aspect that brings concreteness, balance and caution, continues to counterbalance the impetuous urge for change. Saturn’s function is of great importance, his conservative spirit prefers to stick to the tried-and-tested, and he is seldom wrong. Uranus, often very radical, impersonal and ideological, does not care much about the single individual and his or hers practical needs or limitations. Saturn as a defence system must protect individual priorities, and address the major Uranian transpersonal force, so that it can be constructive.

In the classical mythological images, Mercury/Hermes also wears shoes with wings as a symbol of his great mobility that takes him along numerous roads and across many borders. Mercury alone, among all the immortal gods, can enter into the darkness of the Underworld; only he can cross the threshold of Hades, where Pluto reigns, and then return to the world of the living. This aspect of the mind, is recognized in psychology as an ability of the mind to dip into the subconscious.

We will need these introspective skills. New Moon in Gemini forms a Quincunx, 150°angle, with Pluto in Capricorn, a very unstable aspect that requires creativity to resolve things constructively. It is not easy to relate the hard, ragged ground of Capricorn, shaken by Pluto conjuring up fearful, dark scenarios, and the Sun and Moon in Gemini forming a dynamic sign, all underlining a mutability in the air, where life is best faced with lightness and irony. More crucial is the need and the ability to downplay our anxieties and fears that we need most at this time.

Jupiter sextile Neptune puts us in touch with our feelings and expands our sensibilities, while the square of Neptune to Mercury greatly increases our ability for abstract thinking and can inspire our words. This Neptune-Mercury contact is very powerful, so it is important to find the right balance, and to avoid disappointment and disillusionment. The tension of the square, is a necessary challenge to learn to distinguish between reality and illusion, and give the right space to imagination.

With this New Moon there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse, the darkening of the luminaries of both the outer and inner light, in which we will have to find courage to tread new paths. It is the dark moment of transition and Mercury will be the guide of our souls that takes us beyond the boundaries. It is he who governs this eclipse of the Sun in Gemini, this new beginning, whose cornerstone is the renewal of ways of thinking, communicating, interpreting reality.

Mercury’s ability to transcend boundaries is akin to the ability of the mind to think freely; thinking can take us very far. Although this seems impractical, in reality it will be exactly the same mercurial intelligence that will, with it inventiveness, help us to implement ideas that seem so far from reality.

In this period, ideas will get hitched to innovative thinking. If we were stuck in a mode of expression that is obsolete, trapped in eternal contradictory, lost in blind alleys, or any rut into which our Taurean obstinacy had kept us, now is the time to get out. How? Say, for instance, through irony, the ability to be self-mocking. Jokes are sometimes so destabilizing that they can create an unstoppable shockwave capable of sweeping away all resistance. Finally, let’s not forget the innocent comment of a mercurial child that revealed to the people, mesmerized by the powerful king, the manipulator of minds, “The emperor has no clothes.”

The potential of this period, in which the Moon will pass from sign to sign dispensing her nourishment of awareness, depends on how well we can integrate all this in our lives. That in turn depends on in which house of one’s birth chart, the sign of Gemini is in.

Let’s take note when we begin to be restless and be easily distracted, because these are the litmus tests of a conflict, deep inside. It’s up to us to investigate, paying attention to the things that irritate us, that trigger our impatience or boredom. It could to be because we cannot communicate, or because we do not see any way out of a situation, or we are angry, frustrated because they do not listen to us, or we do not know how to listen. These are all valuable lessons that can help us overcome internal tensions and to blend in better.

Listening to the inner voice is something we often think we should to do; this is definitely the time to try to listen to it now.

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