Feb 07 2012

Your February Horoscope

by Monica Smith

The Moon, with its constantly changing phases, reflects our needs, describes the ebb and flow of our energy, mirroring our moods and daily deeds. Looking at the monthly chart of the lunation can offer us precious insight…

With Sun-Moon in Aquarius, we can expect to see a new wave of idealism suggesting new ways of looking and seeing things that will open our minds. The challenge of this global crisis is to ratify new sets of rules that defend freedom of choice and expression without losing sight of individual rights. Fresh perspectives will help us find ways to work together yet recognize the uniqueness of each person.

With the New Moon in Aquarius apex of a T-square with Saturn and Jupiter opposition, enthusiasm may rise and fall; critical Saturn and optimistic Jupiter will push and pull us in different directions. Finding a way to harmonize the two tendencies will get the best from Saturn’s “focus on the here-and-now” pragmatism and Jupiter, who always strives for philosophical knowledge and moral truth. Instead of being trapped in the crystallized dynamics of the past, we should try to remain focused on creating a sustainable future for ourselves and those around us.

Saturn retrograde will be in Libra for another five months, until June 25. This will give us plenty of time to instill discipline, patience and hard work to establish strategies for meeting long-term goals. We must remember that finding inner peace is the primary key to harmonious partnerships. Balance in relationships is restored when individuals take responsibility for themselves instead of laying the blame on others.

The new moon is in sextile to Uranus in Aries. This will bring sudden flashes of insight that can also push us outside our comfort zones. It will suggest exploring alternatives to the current status quo. With Sun also in objective, open-minded Aquarius, buried emotions that suddenly surface can be addressed openly. This will reveal unexpected opportunities, innovative and alternative ways to express ourselves, and contribute to the well-being of the collective.

Proactive Mars, limited in analytic Virgo, on the day of the lunation goes retrograde until April 13. Before throwing a tantrum, remember that the most efficient way of spending this period is to focus on one task at a time; we can invest some energy into establishing a healthy routine: exercise, diet, housework, tying up loose ends and long-deferred activity of any sort.

Cerebral Mercury in responsible Capricorn is excellent for rational thinking and clear communication. In this period, we will be inclined to put our thoughts in order and find the intellectual discipline needed to concentrate on achieving our ambitions. Mars trine to Mercury could inspire rather aggressive and outspoken language; however, Mercury in Capricorn makes us slow down, giving more time for reasoning and giving ideas a second thought before putting them into practice.

A long term configuration sees Neptune soon move into Pisces. It has been in Aquarius since 1998, and its visionary attitude, joined with the powerful abstract Aquarian, has spawned a wave of new technology, such as the internet. All kinds of “extended reality” tools are now connecting us to the world in ways we could never have imagined . So if old friends are not resonating with us anymore, aided by social networks like Facebook, we may find ourselves surfing the net with a new crowd of like-minded people.

Pluto in Capricorn is the the chart’s bass line, with its slow pace, transformative and profound. Like a plow turning the soil to allow fertile nutrients to surface and opportunity for growth, its deconstructing, obsolete structure holds society as we know it together.

On a more personal level, in the chart of the lunation, we can see that Venus is in Pisces, showing a way to express the spiritual and compassionate side of our natures. It is not a question of sacrificing ourselves so that we can be loved, but instead values emphatic sensitivity. Imagination and inspiration through music, art and nature will give us plenty of input to do so. This approach will enrich our relationships in all kinds of interpersonal exchanges, especially in our private lives.

If we have planets in the first degree of any sign, it is in that sign and house that we can expect to experience the tensions and the gift of this lunation. The need to manifest new seeds of change will be particularly present in the area of the first degree of  Leo. Because this is a sign completing the T-square into a Grand Square, it is an image of great challenges, but also represents the ability to concretely express our skills and talents.

 This lunation can be seen as the seed of the process planted in the spring, when all personal planets were in Aries, energized by Uranus. This month can be an opportunity to look at all the changes that happen in our lives, to see the bigger picture—the one we choose to put in motion. This “seed of awareness” is precious and must be cultivated. Spring is coming!