Jul 09 2020


by Peter Chung

The Source of Energy

Miriam has a soft spot for the hot dogs at the Wing Lok Yuen Restaurant. She always loves to eat and was never a picky eater. Because yummy food can motivate her to work hard.

She thinks that we are busy working every day just so we can be full and contented with our three meals. Yummy food is the source of life’s energy. One needs to have a full stomach in order to work energetically. Yummy food gives purpose to life. 

In the past six months, Miriam has been working like a dog. Yet, she remains enthusiastic thanks to the support of yummy food. She thinks that our needs are very simple; it doesn’t take a feast with large portions of meat or fish, a hot dog can make us happy too!

— Miriam Yeung (Cantopop star)

“Valentine” is a biweekly project by ArtAsiaPacific’s photo editor, Peter Chung, in which he gives a loving eulogy to each day.

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