Feb 24 2018

Snow Intervention: 24 Hours with Frog King in Echigo-Tsumari

by Ysabelle Cheung

View of the site of the new Hong Kong House in Tsunan, Echigo-Tsumari, Niigata prefecture. Courtesy Art Front Gallery, Tokyo. 

This weekend, visitors will begin their journey through the snowy hills and trails of Niigata Prefecture to reach the area of Echigo-Tsumari, known for its seasonal art festivals, held annually in the winter and summer. The SnowArt festival, which opens February 24, marks the fifth year of activities, exhibitions and public tours, and the first time that Hong Kong-based artist Kwok Mang-Ho, otherwise known as Frog King, is participating in a 24-hour intervention to launch the construction of the Hong Kong House in the town of Tsunan. The new space and project base will invite artists to submit work, building a Hong Kong community in Japan that will be cultivated during the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in July.

Kwok, acting under the guise of UFrogO, will enact a series of improvised happenings with support from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

The livestream has now ended. 

For coverage on the upcoming Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, which opens on July 29, 2018, please follow ArtAsiaPacific’s website and print edition.

A Feature on the artist Kwok Mang-Ho is published in the forthcoming March/April 2018 issue of ArtAsiaPacific

Ysabelle Cheung is the managing editor of ArtAsiaPacific

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